Our range of products and solutions allows covering a wide range of needs in the building and civil engineering fields. In the technical catalogue, in the documentation section of our web, you cand find more details about our products and solutions.

Precast prestressed hollow core floor

Prestressed hollow core floor are very high performance precast elements that allow building floors for residential, industrial and civil building, supporting big loads and spans.

The most recent execution of the OPEN-SKY shopping center in Torrejón de Ardoz is an example, with spans of 16 meters and loads of 10.00 kN/m2.

Precast prestressed floor plates

PREZEN slabs allow the construction of residential and industrial building floors, both with edge and flat beams, or on concrete or brick walls.

They offer very high structural performance, being able to achieve spans of up to 10-12 meters with housing load.

This type of floor offers ease for the passage of facilities, formation of embedded reinforcement bands removing the lightening bridges, hole drilling, downspouts, etc.

Thermal insulation floor

The LIGEZEN-Self-supporting slab is made up of robust pre-stressed beams that, together with lightening elements of high density expanded polystyrene and concrete poured on site, make it possible to obtain a high strength, self-supporting slab during its execution and with excellent thermal performance, that will result in a better energy rating of the building.

It is an ideal solution for the thermal envelope of the building, that is, for sanitary floors and roofs.

Precast double wall

MUROZEN Doble is made up of prefabricated panels with a double reinforced concrete wall that forms the faces of the wall, inside which all the necessary reinforcement is arranged to withstand the forces derived from the push of the ground or the support of floors or pillars on top of it.

It is a very versatile solution and especially suitable for basement walls, with any possibility of encounters in corner, T, openings, windows, pillar start, etc.

Precast solid wall

The MUROZEN Macizo system, with a standard thickness of 16 cm (also available in other thicknesses), allows creating walls of parcelling, containment of lands and enclosures of any type.

Its use as a retaining wall, working in corbel, is very interesting, since it allows integrating the reinforcement of the foundation in the prefabricated element itself, being enough to pour the concrete of the shoe on site to obtain the completely finished wall.

Precast concrete wall panels

In ZENET Prefabricados we design facade panels with unique characteristics, both load-bearing and architectural, with smooth or fretted finish and optional surface treatment.

We solve all the details of anchoring and connection, both for supported panels and panels suspended from the main structure.

We prepare complete calculation reports, with strict compliance and justification of the regulations, especially the action of the wind both globally as well as on the different isolated panels. We make complete plans of assembly and quartering, with fully detailed arming, anchors and fixings.

Precast prestressed hollow core wall

It is a versatile and economic enclosure system, especially suitable for industrial installations or of any type.
The enclosure hollow core walls have a dovetailing at the edges for the correct fit of the successive pieces, facilitating the subsequent sealing.

The high resistance to bending and shearing provided by the prestressing allows the construction of enclosures of high slenderness. We have come to manufacture plates 13 meters long with a thickness of only 16 cm.

Precast concrete U beam

It is an exclusive solution of ZENET Prefabricated that allows to cover large spans and loads, also achieving a hyperstatic rigid knot behavior.

The geometry can be completely custom designed, being able to make holes of practically any geometry. Beam to beam connection is also possible for secondary beams as well as the start of abutting pillars of both concrete and metal.

We have made several important works with this type of beams, accumulating a great experience in both design and in execution. The Antea Shopping Center in Querétaro (Mexico), the Civil Guard Officers Academy in Aranjuez (Spain), the new Headquarters of the Superior Council of Nursing in Madrid, the Alcalá de Henares library, etc…

Precast prestressed beam

These are partially prefabricated prestressed beams, formed by a prestressed prefabricated rectangular section, with a standard width of 0.60 or 1.20 meters, with active reinforcement formed by prestressed strands AND 1860 S7.

The standard edges of the prefabricated part are 80 and 160 mm.

The use of prestressing provides the following advantages:

  • Reduced edges, especially for large beam beams, with strict control of arrows and cracking.
  • Simplicity in the support of the slab, normally prestressed slabs or hollow core floors.
  • Ease of assembly and handling thanks to the reduced weight of the prefabricated elements.
  • Rigid knots and a hyperstatic structural configuration are obtained.

Precast prestressed columns and beams for precast structures

They are linear elements that we can manufacture with a wide diversity of geometry, lengths and loads to be supported, especially suitable for completely prefabricated works.

In the case of beams, we manufacture them with rectangular geometry, inverted T, L both armed and pre-stressed. This type of beam is suitable both for fully prefabricated structures and for structures with pillars executed “in situ”.

Precast prestressed hollow core beams

Prestressed hollow core beams are the optimal solution to build the light covers of industrial and commercial installations.

The high resistance that the prestressing provides allows us to cover spans of up to 16 meters with inter-axial distances of up to 3 meters.

We can supply hollow beams with a standard width of 24 cm and also with special widths to withstand greater loads or to serve as firewalls.

Partially or fully precast structures

Apart from the usual solutions of completely prefabricated structures with simply supported elements and articulated knots, in ZENET Prefabricados we are specialists in integral prefabricated structures, with rigid knots, presence of floors, mezzanines and especially cases of large spans and loads.

The design of beams and forgings in continuity allows us to withstand very high loads with tight edges, achieving a globally optimized solution.

Precast stairs

We can make stair designs and/or custom-made walkways. They are especially interesting elements in works such as those in the photographs, which correspond to a residential building in Vallecas (Madrid, Spain) in which all the staircases and access walkways were resolved by our prefabricated, all of them self-supporting, thus avoiding complex formwork.

All our ladders are CE marked according to the harmonized European standard EN 14843.

Precast special foundations

We have manufactured special foundations for photovoltaic and solar thermal powerplants, suitable for those cases in which other foundation solutions are not valid or economically competitive.

At our factory in Escalonilla (Toledo, Spain), we have built foundations that have been sent to Kuwait and France.

ZENET Prefabricados has also intervened in the manufacture, assembly and real-scale testing of a wide variety of special prefabricated foundations, made with reinforced concrete and/or reinforced with polyolefin fibers, during the development of the official R&D projects “SOLARCIM” and “CIMENTASYSTEMS”, led by iConkrete.

Precast prestressed element for wind turbine tower

Within the field of wind energy and in collaboration with Gestamp and iConkrete, prestressed concrete voussoirs have been designed and manufactured for a 110-meter-high hybrid wind tower.

These are pre-stressed pieces 31 meters high and of 85 tons of weight each. The tensile strength of each of the six segments that forms the base of the hybrid tower is pre-tensioned with an initial force of 800 tons, thus managing to withstand the extreme loads of wind without cracking, maintaining the integrity and rigidity necessary for the correct dynamic behavior of the tower as a whole.

These voussoirs are connected to the foundation by means of adherent post-tensioned tendons. The connection with the upper metal section is made by non-adherent post-tensioned bars, while three of the main prestressed concrete techniques are collected in the tower.

In 2016, the first tower was built with this system in Becerril de Campos (Palencia, Spain), being 100% operative from that moment to date.